Starfield on PC is the best way to play - but the game still requires a lot of work

The Digital Foundry tech review - including those all-important optimised settings.

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Number1TailzFan3d ago

Runs quite well with good enough hardware it seems, but even then I still think it should run a bit better than it does given the hardware thrown at it, but it still doesn't matter as I would get bored and the game doesn't interest me.

MrDead2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I managed to get Starfield Upscaler working, but it crashes a lot. You will need UpscalerBasePlugin and Starfield Upscaler from Nexus mods, the latest nvngx_dlss.dll file (DLSS 3.5 works on all RTX cards). If you have a 4000 series they also have DLSS-G to enable Frame Generation, different mod though.

This game is horribly optimised for PC, I noticed when I look at glass in this game my FPS tanks, everything runs fine until I have a window appear in frame.

MrDead2d ago

Ok, so this game is only partially optimised on PC, Nvidia and Intel cards and Intel processors are very poorly implemented. Starfield not supporting 85% of the PC card market is unbelievable, like DF said a AAA title should support every major card

dumahim2d ago

Along with better settings. I think Alex was being kind about how bad the options are. I commend Bethesda with launching in so much better shape than they have in the past, but baffled they couldn't manage to include something like an FOV slider or gamma settings.

raWfodog2d ago

Todd said that everyone just needed to update their PC.

just_looken1d 19h ago

I had 3 cashes in 5hours went to steam settings disable the ingame ui pop up steam has

43hrs in now 0 crashes sense i did that

As soon as you use any popup software like msi afterburner or even the windows xbox popup menu the game freaks out and crashes.

Steam did not even need to be engaged just turned on it would crash the game.

TheKingKratos1d 17h ago (Edited 1d 17h ago )

I have RTX3050 8GB and on Ultra with DLSS it run at 50fps on 1440p when other far better graphics run at 80~120fps at the same settings

MrDead1d 17h ago

Sorry, should have said I'm running at 4k.

Flawlessmic2d ago

Tbh the partnership with amd was disappointing and honestly think its part of the reason the game doesn't look particularly great a lot of the time.

I'm running it at 4k ultra settings on my mobile 4080 and fps goes anywhere from the 50s-30s.

If dlss3 and fg were included you bet your ass I'd be more consistently at 60s.

I also thing it's part of the reason there is no ray traced reflections cause amd cards suck at it so bethesda left it out.

This game visually leaves a lot to be desired majority of the time, interiors look quite nice but considering the fps I'm getting and the somewhat lacklustre graphics bethesda can defs improve this game

anast2d ago

If you can't get a game going on that rig, it means someone dropped the optimization ball.

Flawlessmic2d ago

Don't get me wrong the game runs fine even when it dips, its performs a lot better than most PC games at launch, its just considering its not utilizing the latest in graphics technology such as ray tracing and while the metals and interiors look great, plant life and outside textures look pretty ugly it should be performing better than it is.

Unfortunately I'm running Nvidia and a intel I9 CPU both of which seem to be gimped for some reason, not looking at you AMD!!!

anast1d 17h ago

Ah, I see. That's a nice set up though.

MrDead1d 18h ago

I'm running a i9 10900k, rtx3080, I have better frame counts than you but I have a few .ini tweaks and DLSS mod, 4k running with high settings. I have a major dip in frames though when a transparency like a window is in view, my ship for example fps is good until the small windows near your bed are in view or the door to the cockpit, then it dips massively. Or the first mission where you go into the research outpost, just before the end where you open the safe and clime the ladder to the roof there's a big window, the entire area plays nice and smooth until that window is in view, then it's bye, bye fps.

anast1d 17h ago

That's a nice set up too.

repsahj2d ago

Even with 4090 setup todd says upgrade to 5090 to be able to run this game very well.

MrDead2d ago

The frame generation in FSR and RTX doesn't even kick in until frames drop below 30fps!!!

This game is a mess

anast1d 17h ago

Correction you will need the 7090.


The game seems to default to 4k 60 for me on all high settings. I’m running a 4070/ I9 combo


It’s definitely the truth. Anyone with my setup will verify this.

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