Starfield Surpasses Skyrim's Steam Concurrency Peak; Mod Tools Coming in 2024

Starfield has surpassed Skyrim's Steam concurrency peak, entering the all-time Top 30. Meanwhile, Bethesda said the toolkit is coming in 2024.

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Petebloodyonion2d ago

It can't be true!
I always thought that ppl don't buy games if available on GamePass.
Probably a Steam glitch creating ppl who don't exist.


Oh just wait a little bit. The Sony Defense Force will find a why to flip it soon enough…

1d 23h ago
EvertonFC1d 23h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

Coming from you who's "the Xbox defense force" pmsl 😂🤣
Way to go at making yourself look a t*t.


Maybe a lot of PC players don't use gamepass?

Crows902d ago

Its common sense but that's not very common.
Steam users stick to steam.

Amplitude2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

PC Player here. I buy my games even if they're on GamePass. Even if i know i'll beat the game in a day or two and never touch it again and could easily just pay for one month of Gamepass, I'll still spend way more money for the single game on Steam lmao

I think a lot of people do the same either because (a) they know the XBox App is somehow even more awful than the Epic Games Store or (b) subscription services with lack of any mod-ability make them want to puke and they don't want to support the death of gaming and/or gaming preservation. Or hell, the ridiculous amount of features alone make Steam worth the price tbh. Big picture mode, chat, achievements, play time tracking, trading cards, cloud saves, Steam deck support, the absurdly good customer-first refund policy, etc etc etc. You just kinda feel good for supporting Valve's efforts and the developers when you buy on Steam and that's worth the price imo.

Every once in a while i do get a month of Gamepass and every single time i'm just blown away at how horrible and laughable the app is. It's like they purposely made it as awful as they could so you go buy an XBox lol

Cant say i care in the slightest about Starfield but i'm glad people are enjoying it and no matter what you think of the game, i hope people are happy about people supporting it instead of subbing to money-hungry corporate heartless subscriptions either way here

Yui_Suzumiya1d 21h ago (Edited 1d 21h ago )

For regular games I use Steam but for naughty naughty visual novels I use Jastusa, Denpasoft or MangaGamer.. lol .. plus my laptop uses a Intel Iris Xe GPU so I have virtually no VRAM .. so unfortunately I can't run Starfield, lol .. most of the normal games I have are PS3 / early PS4 era.. or boomer shooters, lol

mrcatastropheAF1d 16h ago

@amplitude can't speak for any of the other games but I had no issues modding the gamepass version of Starfield on my PC.

Installed the DLSS mod and a couple of others with no problem.

I agree with your overall sentiment though -- PC players by and large would rather just utilize steam instead of GP

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Einhander19722d ago

I mean, great, they beat the concurrent users of a PS3 era game, that's not that impressive if you factor in the growth of the industry. And Microsoft stated goal for buying these publishers was supposed to be growing Gamepass not selling copies on steam.

I mean the other day they were bragging about 6 million USERS, if they had released the game on PlayStation they almost certainly could have gotten 6 million SALES. And 6 millions users seems really low when you consider they supposedly have 25 million subscribers. This whole thing doesn't speak very well to the growth potential of gamepass by buying publishers.

You guys are bragging about Microsoft propaganda without even analyzing the larger picture.

The bottom line here is this game needs to make a lot of money to pay for it's development and I don't see that playing out well after looking at the numbers.

ApocalypseShadow2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Lol. Somehow, saying "gamers don't buy games on Xbox." Got turned into, "gamers don't buy games on Steam."

We know gamers buy games on Steam. But since Microsoft has turned tail and run and doesn't announce game sales numbers and console numbers, and the fact that the numbers that are reported show that PlayStation takes almost the whole sum on NPD, etc, and the fact that Microsoft uses player numbers instead of sales numbers, would obviously lead us into saying,

"Xbox gamers don't buy games."

Petebloodyonion2d ago

I'm honestly wondering if you are serious or sarcastic due to how you couldn't be more wrong :)
You are talking about a game that is currently in the top 30 most concurrent players of ALL TIME on Steam and it's not impressive?
A list that includes free-to-play like Counter-Strike, Dota2, Capcom Arcade, Team fortress2,Lost Ark and multiplayers like COD, GTA5, Among us, PubG
And as pointed out earlier, a game is also available on Game Pass PC.

Wait!!! Are you saying that Gamepass (PC and console) is not cannibalizing sales on STEAM?
Cause I'm pretty sure that " from Microsoft's own mouth: "GAME PASS CANNIBALIZES GAME SALES." has been part of your mantra for the last 4 months in any article relating to game pass.
(I just went to page 10 and picked in the top comments).

But perhaps you could explain how that magic works?
PPL who own both a PC /Xbox suddenly forgot about Game Pass?
Steam users are dumb ppl who never heard of Game Pass PC?

thesoftware7302d ago

And there goes the

thesoftware7302d ago

Haha, you completely owned Shadow and Einhinder...

But they will find a way to back track and goal post.

SF is a massive game in every sense of the word, it has people modding PS5, that is how popular it is.

Hideo Kojima, Jaffe, the PS writer lady, everyone is playing the game..I'm not sure why it's hard for them to accept the initial success of this game.

1d 23h ago
Sephiroushin1d 19h ago (Edited 1d 19h ago )

he didn't own anybody, he doesn't understand pc gamers dislike xbox platform and love to stick to steam, its as simple as that, and most of us like to own their games not rent them, and if they did that it's because theyre not interested in the game at all, so just 10.99$ for a playthrough and throwing it at a side!
If starfield didn't release on steam this story would be different, many would do like me and forget that starfield existed, even MS know this else they would keep the game locked on the xbox platform!

tay87012d ago

Day 1 gamepass does cannibalize sales, MS stated as much in court. MS hasnt released sales numbers in yrs, and that probably won't change anytime soon. Starfield has been hyped as the biggest xbox game of all time. even with all its marketing it won't even come close to Spiderman 2s sales numbers when it releases in October. Until MS comes out and gives actual sales numbers instead of simply thr number of people who have played it, we will never know how many copies it has sold.

Petebloodyonion2d ago

this game is currently among the top 30 games of ALL TIME on STEAM for concurring players and it's been out a 2 weeks.
Now we do not need to bring PlayStation sales or Xbox console sales of the game to evaluate this
We just need to evaluate versus other Steam games because the only way a player counts is if he buys the game.
And right now at 70$, SF is already in an elite tier list that includes free-to-play games and games like COD
despite PC players could play it on Game Pass PC.

tagzskie2d ago

@petebloodyonion you never know the feelings of the people always using steam.. Even epic games give free games i mean really FREE no strings attach FREE. Most of us didnt go there or some of my friends who bother to get it, just logging in ang get the games amd leave it there. Maybe the people who said ppl dont buy games they reffering to xbox? i dont know but sales is sales not concurrent etc, though theres high possibilty that its sale is higher than skyrim. Simple

Petebloodyonion2d ago

LOL, funny cause I'm a PC user 1st and have been a Steam user since day 1 (Look me up PeteBloodyOnion) and still buy all my games on Steam simply because, unlike MS and Sony, Steam never charged me for a Patch when I upgraded Windows platform or told me to buy a remastered version If I wanted to play at a higher resolution. Also, my library is also playable on Mac and Linux.
I do have Game Pass on PC and use it often.

As for referring to the Xbox console only why would the consumer's behavior change so much versus PC, especially when physical copies do exist versus PC?

And last but not least the only way to count as a player on Steam is if you OWN a copy of the game (excluding ppl who would buy, try and ask for a refund).

tagzskie2d ago

@peterbloodyonion yeah its funny cause ms pc doesnt charge you, only xbox. i didnt claim your not pc user though. I only said always using steam. i almost use it daily more than insta, messenger, and line. Its ok to explain concurrent but i still believe its just a situational especially no new games released that month or lacking of games. What were talking about is sales not concurrent. as i said is simple if the sale is higher than skyrim its not effected by gamepass if not theres nothing we can do about it.

ApocalypseShadow2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Game pass CANNIBALIZES sales on Xbox. I thought you knew. Now you want to act like Steam users are Xbox or Microsoft users. Lol

The spinning and the twisting. How many copies did it sell on Xbox?

Petebloodyonion1d 17h ago

Where did you get that info that Game Pass only cannibalizes sales on Xbox?
Was this alluded to in MS's testimony?

And no I'm not trying to act like Steam users are the same as Xbox since it's your department to always relate every article to Playstation vs. Xbox.
proof? You're asking to provide Xbox sales data for a game released 2 weeks ago in a PC article.

Last I checked Steam was for PC users just like Gamepass PC users and not once did I mention Xbox in my original comment.

Soileh2d ago

Steam has I think doubled or tripled in size since FO4 launched and this hasn't even surpassed Fallout 4 CCUs. It's a pretty decent underperformance whether you like the game or not. 75% of the users aren't on Steam either, so there is no way to know if they're using Game Pass or not since MS doesn't release sales numbers.

EvertonFC1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

People mentioned Xbox gamers would generally not buy games because of GP not steam, just pointing that out.

Petebloodyonion1d 16h ago

And where did I mention XBOX in my original comment?
And I'm pretty sure that the narrative up until yesterday (I'll bring the revision log)
V1 - Gamepass is cannibalizing sales
V2 - Gamepass is cannibalizing sales of NEW release games
V3 - Gamepass is cannibalizing sales of AAA New release games

So let me update it now to V4: Gamepass is mostly only cannibalizing sales of AAA new release games on Xbox console.

Sephiroushin1d 19h ago (Edited 1d 19h ago )

Steam, most PC gamers love steam and dislike other platforms, so they stick to steam, but not their own xbox platform for pc at all, most PC gamers don't even have gamepass, on xbox console hmmm not as much, but i guess many paid the 30$ for upgrading to get early access.

I'm a PC gamer, I have gamepass for like almost 3 years until it desubs, and to me its just a tester, if i like something i go steam and get it, never ever on xbox platform for PC, that's the worst store launcher PC currently has, weird coming from a software company but it is what it is!

I_am_Batman1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

When comparing Starfield's peak concurrent players to other big RPG titles that released more recently it's hard to get around the fact that Game Pass has almost certainly had a negative effect on steam sales.

CyberPunk 2077 - 1.05M
Elden Ring - 953k
Hogwarts Legacy - 879k
Baldur's Gate 3 - 875k
Starfield - 330k

Personally I would expect a new AAA IP from Bethesda to be more competative with those titles if day-1 Game Pass inclusion wasn't a factor. I think it's also safe to say that the impact on sales would be larger on Xbox than it is on PC.

It would be interesting to see the impact on new subscriptions to Game Pass and whether these subs will stay around for more than a month or two. Unfortunately we're unlikely to get the full picture, including sales numbers on all platforms.

Petebloodyonion1d 16h ago

You are talking about a game released 2 weeks ago...
Baldur's Gate 3 has been around since 2020 on Steam, Cyberpunk has been given for 20$...

I_am_Batman1d 15h ago

@Petebloodyonion: I don't see how that's relevant considering the peak concurrent player-count was reached on release week for all of the games I've listed. That's generally what happens with single-player games.

Petebloodyonion1d 16h ago

@ Lots Bellow
I have read several of your comments regarding Steam user loyalty and I would take a moment to celebrate that important milestone that WE PC users have accomplished.
Yes, we who used to be called pirates on this site and the why no games companies would have bothered giving us game day 1 are now role models for the industry.
Sure this was hard for we had to overcome the urge to save money on gray market stores, 2nd key reseller sites.

So today again we celebrate how we PC users are showing console players how we now BUY day 1 games at full price and shun perfectly legally marketed options like playing the game on a subscription service.

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Markusb332d ago

wonder if it will sell 15 million like fallout 4 ? probably not since its in a service