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Bethesda's latest massive RPG, Starfield, has plenty of delights in the vast expanse of space, but it's not all sunshine and nebulas.

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Ristul13h ago

Wow, the true reviews are coming in after the Microsoft selected review codes to Xbox outlets have passed. How anyone could give this game a perfect score is beyond me.

Sonic188111h ago(Edited 11h ago)

The last 4 or 5 missions in Starfield's MQL are some of the worst and hilarious in video game history. Blatant filler, time wasters, back tracking, computer log reading, bullet sponge filled garbage. At least it's "free" on gamepass. What a colossal letdown. Go play Baldur's Gate 3 and save yourself. I stand by what I said. The game is a 7. I decided to focus on the main mission because I'm using gamepass before I deactivate my subscription. I don't pay month to month any longer. Just not worth it until more first party games releases

andy859h ago

@PrinceOfAnger why are you bringing up a 5 year old game? Days Gone got dropped points heavily on reviews because it was buggy. Imagine if that happened to Starfield?

Soileh2h ago

I bet Obscure hasn't even played the game. A lot of the big defenders I argue with haven't. Because the flaws are so obvious you KNOW after playing that the game is not a 10. Best example of this is Paradiso quest that begins in orbit, I won't spoil it, but if you've played it you'll realise how flawed the narrative, worldbuilding, and gameplay experience is.

notachance22m ago

lol @obscure why is 7 full of sh*t, do you even read your own comment 🤣

with obvious flaws inside the game even 9 is stretching it, let alone a perfect mark.

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PrinceOfAnger11h agoShowReplies(1)
Hofstaderman12h ago

I guess the actual reviews are out and not cherry picked sites.

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Lightning777h ago

So the good scores aren't the actual reviews? So what were they then? Are you saying the negative reviews are what the scores were suppose to be?

Cockney6h ago

I'm just spit-balling here but how does somewhere inbetween sound?

Soileh2h ago

I'm sure that XboxAddict's 10/10 review is perfectly indicative of the quality of the game /s.

potedude2h ago

I normally always play Bethesda games when they are released, but seeing as I don't have an Xbox and I won't be purchasing one to play this game, I guess Bethesda will miss out on my dosh. I'm just one person but I assume there's a few like me.

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randomvoice11h ago

No more Xbox site dolling out 10/10 to prop up the metacritic scores anymore

crazyCoconuts8h ago

The thing that interests me is that there were more than just a few Xbox sites.
Is there legitimate standing to support an objective 10/10 from any review site?
Like, can a fan of Starfield name ONE thing that Starfield does exceptionally well that would cause a marginally reasonable reviewer to honestly believe this is a masterpiece?

Armaggedon6h ago

It surpasses most other games in how “Bethesda” it is. Their games are very unique, and most of the discourse over the game is due to whether people have an appreciation for some of the specific qualities that Bethesda games offer or not. For those who find value in some of these factors, Bethesda games will rank highly. For those who are looking more for the industry standard checkbox items that are expected in games, they will find the game to be trash. There games engage and capture attention in a distinct way.

crazyCoconuts3h ago

@armaggedon, and what about being "Bethesda" is so unique? Size of the worlds? Quality of the quests? Ability to change outcomes? I'm trying to decompose the qualities that would make this a 10/10.

PhillyDonJawn1h ago

What would make you give a game 10/10?

crazyCoconuts1h ago

@philly - near perfection in whatever category it was in. For a big RPG I'd say amazing graphics, locations, gameplay, story, and RPG mechanics. All of those phenomenal and we're looking at a 10. My categories would be different for a sports game, or a side scrolling indie platformer obviously...

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