Starfield's optimism soars to heights that Skyrim and Fallout can only dream of

Starfield's story captured my imagination strongly, but the game's optimism and mighty beating heart takes the Bethesda RPG to great heights.

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EasilyTheBest4d ago

Amazing game. 12 hours in. It looks as if I will be playing this game for years if they keep adding to it.
Congratulations to Bethesda & Microsoft it deserves to be a hit.

VincentVanBro3d ago

They mad at that positivity 🤣

3d ago
RhinoGamer883d ago

Starfield will be amazing... in 3-4 months with the mods supported.

TheColbertinator3d ago

Give it time. Eventually I think it will be great

anast3d ago

The game is a 6 or even lower on the PC meta.

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