The Crew Motorfest Is Forza Horizon on PS5, and It's Brilliant | Push Square

A sweet taste of open world racing. If you fell off Ubisoft's The Crew series following its second entry or are too intimidated by its myriad updates, then The Crew Motorfest is the perfect opportunity to jump back in.

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boing191d ago

Yes, it is. I was in insider beta and it was great!

S2Killinit91d ago

Off road and all in this though. I hope they have the new Toyota tacomas in it. They look sick.

Abnor_Mal91d ago

That’s cool and all but what about a vr mode. I really really want an open world psvr2 compatible racer/ driving game. Sony should have never shuttered Evolution and DriveClub.

senorfartcushion91d ago

So it’s generic then?

No thanks. The Crew only interested me because it wasn’t like the other racers.

boing191d ago

I would say TC Motorfest Beta felt like enhanced TC2. It even asked if I want to import all of my cars from the save, which is super nice imo.

darkrider91d ago

Does it got vr. I'm spoiled after playing gt7

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