The Crew Motorfest Reveals Map & Gorgeous Landscapes, Jungles, Cities, & Clouds of Hawaii

Today Ubisoft released another video of the upcoming open-world racing game The Crew Motorfest, and this time it's all about the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii.

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closed_account72d ago

I'm actually really excited for this, as I spent just short of a year on Oahu for a work contract back in 2009. This looks really nice and brings back warm feelings.

@0:53 looks like it took some artistic liberties and used Maui's Haleakala crater as inspiration. (which feels weird, bc it's such a protected, sacred area!) Western Oahu doesn't look like that, but it's cool to bring a bit more variety to this overworld.

EvertonFC72d ago

Never really got into the crew franchise but this looks ace, definitely gonna pick this one up

closed_account72d ago

Yea Hawaii is an underutilized region in gaming for sure! I hope they open up more islands in the future.

Yppupdam72d ago

Is it company policy for everyone to have a buzz cut...even the women....blah

Yi-Long72d ago

It looks pretty promising; interesting varied location and according to first impressions the gameplay is good this time. But tbh I half expect Ubi to botch it all in the execution when they throw in mandatory sign-ups, always online, micro-transactions, GaaS, etc etc.

This would have been a no-brainer as an offline SP game where you just get a complete package and unlock new stuff through running through missions and a career-mode, but if the focus here is on ‘community’ and milking us dry, then shrugs and hard pass …

IRetrouk72d ago

Play the second if you get a chance, think you will be pleasantly surprised.

IRetrouk72d ago

Game looks and plays very well, second closed beta happening later this month, you can sign up to the insider program and apply to be invited.

Jon6158672d ago

Honestly wish they wouldve chosen a different locale. I mean tdu adn tdu2 alreadt did Oahu.

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