The Tom Clancy Brand Has Lost Its Way

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The early 2000s were a golden age for the Tom Clancy brand of games, with titles like Rainbow Six 3, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and anything with the Splinter Cell name earned critical acclaim. It was a good time for fans of the series, largely because of how reliable these games were."

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Orchard696d ago

I’d have to agree, they basically slap the Tom Clancy branding on any old garbage nowadays.

The modern games don’t even remotely come close to the original Splinter Cell, R6 and Ghost Recon games.

blvdnights1414695d ago

This reminds me of that EA BIG nonsense. Just a bunch of money grubbing executives sucking an IP as dry as they can.

PhillyDillyDee694d ago

I dunno man… NBA Street was incredible.

BlaqMagiq1694d ago

But the EA BIG games were great. Those were critically acclaimed. Ubisoft are just slapping names under something without having the soul of those franchises.

Profchaos695d ago

Tom Clancy's seal of approval meant something years ago. Typically he was approving the project then Ubisoft brought it before his death and they have abused it since.

CrimsonWing69695d ago

Ubisoft, more like it. The brand is the brand, I can’t for the life of me understand why Ubisoft won’t make another Splinter Cell game. They know the demand is there and they tease stupid cameos in mobile games. I feel like Ubisoft is the one who lost their way.

lodossrage695d ago

I agree with you

But Ubisoft is both greedy and lazy.

With that said, Splinter Cell being a mainly single player game means not much chance for constant monetizing. And being a mainly single player game means they would have to put more effort in compared to a multiplayer game where they can just slap rehashed ideas and skins on to make a quick buck.

Basically, making a new splinter cell means they'd have to forego some of their greed and lazy ways. Good luck with that lol

-Foxtrot695d ago

Because they don't know how to make Splinter Cell an open world / multiplayer live service game

Assassins Creed Infinite will be Live Service

Far Cry 7 is rumoured to be live service

Beyond Good and Evil 2 apparently has to be played connected to the internet

Ghost world / co-op

Watch Dogs...focuses on online / co-op

The Crew...Rainbow on and on

There's a reason Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and 3D Rayman games have had nothing over the years because they don't know how to make them open world or co-op / multiplayer focused.

TheColbertinator695d ago

They want to slap Tom Clancy's name on everything now

Tom Clancy's Trackmania
Tom Clancy's Watchdogs

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