Tokyo Game Show 2023 Reveals Record-High 770 Exhibitors & Official Livestream Schedule

Today the Japanese CESA (Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association) which organizes Tokyo Game Show every year, announced the final details about this year's event.

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gold_drake8d ago

damn, i always love the official artwork for the event. always looks amazing.

definitely gonna tune in to a few publishers.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

Get Hype! My body is ready for this, I hope we have plenty of surprises too.

phoenixwing6d ago

Some new jrpgs to look forward to I hope

FinalFantasyFanatic5d ago

That's what I'm praying for, TGS is one of the few gaming events I can look forward to these days (since E3 is on life support and everyone does their own Direct/State of Play/ect...). I want to be wowed, so I hope there's at least a few surprises for us.

phoenixwing5d ago

there will most likely be at least a few new game announcements just not as many as past years due to the three hardware companies doing directs as you say