Tomb Raider's Lifetime Sales Revealed After Embracer Group Sale

Crystal Dynamics and Embracer Group shared that the Tomb Raider brand has stayed strong and sold 88 million units since its inception in 1996.

Sciurus_vulgaris498d ago

I find it shocking that Square-Enix is selling two studio (Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal) , Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and other game IPs for only 300 million. You would think Tomb Raider alone would be worth hundreds of millions. The franchise is iconic and has lifetime sales of 88 million.

Gears of War in 2014 sold to MS for a rumoured $ 80-100 million. You could argue that from 2006-2013 Gears of War was more successful than the recent Tomb Raider titles (2013-2018). However,I still think the Tomb Raider Ip would warrant a greater sales price due to a longer legacy and brand recognition.

Sciurus_vulgaris498d ago

Edit: Square Enix Montreal is also being sold to Embracer Group as part of the deal.

Nitrowolf2497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Microsoft reportedly paid 100 million for that timed exclusive Tomb Raider deal also, 1/3 of this deal and Square sold 3 studios and +50 plus IPs

Yeah Embracer def got this at a steal TBH, even if the value of those studios and IPs aren’t as high as they used to be

This is prob just Square looking to get capital fast for their metaverse/blockchain stuff. Or maybe that really was the best offer on the table that they could get

Lore497d ago

Similar to the NFL where GM’s trade players to teams in a different division than their own, maybe Square sold to Embracer so it wouldn’t be to a direct competitor to Sony such as MSFT

TheColbertinator497d ago

I'm not too shocked. Square Enix doesn't know how to handle their western franchises properly and expect ridiculous numbers for franchises that they don't trust too much in the first place.

Not to mention they are using their funds from the sale to invest in blockchain

Sciurus_vulgaris497d ago

Yah you’re probably correct. It seems like Square Enix just wants to make quick funds as they reduce overall operating costs. Selling an iconic franchise and 3 studios for what is essentially “a steal” seems like a quickly made and shortsighted decision.

Inverno497d ago

Not so shocking, Square has shown themselves to be pretty incompetent.

Stanjara497d ago

These are all games that are in the $5 category and need serious reboot... aka AAA investment. This is not FF14 or FF in general where there is a general direction where to go with that IP.

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Starman69497d ago

If we're looking for someone to blame, blame Microsoft. Lara was born on playstation (and pc). Buying rights for tomb raider to be a timed exclusive on Xbox is like sucking lemons. Left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

HardKnockKid24497d ago

Yea!!! Like KOTOR…… oh wait…

HardKnockKid24493d ago

Jznrpg, get outta here. This is the console arena we are talking about. KOTOR and it’s sequel were released on the original Xbox with no PS version in sight. You’re being incredibly selective.

DazaMc496d ago

It came out first on the Sega Saturn in Europe 26/10/1996.

Imalwaysright496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

And Sony paid for an exclusivity deal wich is why TR2 wasn't released on the Sega Saturn.

ChubbyBlade496d ago

How is it Microsoft’s fault for offering money? It’s squares fault for accepting it. Gotta twist things to ha tree that little black box

Starman69495d ago

Can't blame square square due to their financials. Can u imagine the outrage if GTA became a time exclusive. There would be outrage!! Or call of duty!?, Oh wait...! 😐

496d ago
Gamer75496d ago

Actually Tomb Raider was born on Sega Saturn, PS & Windows so it's amusing that people act like it was only a PS game.

Starman69495d ago

Sega Saturn? What is this musical machine your talking about!? Lol 🤣

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neutralgamer1992497d ago

I just can't believe how little embracer paid for all that they got

solideagle496d ago

ok I am confused that Square Enix was not happy with new TR sales but it sold 38 million units (3 games) which is amazing. Uncharted on the other hand sold 48 million (5 games?). TR reboot seems to be successful if we just compare the numbers.

Cackocacho497d ago

Sounds like SquareEnix needs money, like, yesterday. Not surprising as practically every major release of theirs over the past 15 years, has ended up in the bargain bin after 6 weeks.

Only games which have been genuine were success were from third party publishing, or outsourced development. SquareEnix hasn't internally developed a great game, since probably FF XII, back in 2006.

Profchaos497d ago

Yet the reboot trilogy failed to meet expectations. Squares expectations are ludicrous

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