Top 10 Best Starfield Mods You Can't Play Without

Twinfinite: "These days, modders can do some truly bonkers things to newly released games. Turn the big bad villain into Thomas the Tank Engine? Pfft, easy-peasy! Uproot the entirety of London and relocate it into Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic landscape? Mere child’s play, good sir! Take an old title from years ago and make it look and play like a game that came out last week? Wait… They can actually do that? Crikey."

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Bobertt3d ago

Why would you want easy speech and easy digipicking it's part of the fun of the game?

Also if you go into the forums there are issues with the achievement enabler. The way it's designed the mod will break when the game is updated so if you're not paying attention and keep playing when that happens you will miss out on achievements. You have to reinstall the mod or wait for it to be updated for a patch to avoid missing achievements. There is a new one called Baka Achievement Enabler that supposedly fixes this problem but it seems like it disables controller support on PC. There is a third one that came out recently that possibly fixes both problems but it's unconfirmed since it's so new and it doesn't work on mods that use .esp files.

MrDead2d ago

These are mine so far:
Starfield Upscaler (you really need this if you are playing with an rtx or intel card, it also gets rid of the FSR ghosting)
Starfield Script Extender
StarUI Inventory
Starfield FOV (just an .ini change)
Neutral LUTs - No Color Filters
Real Flashlight
Achievement Enabler (If you want Steam Achievements)

After watching the DF review this game has unbelievably not yet been optimised for Nvidia and Intel on release, fingers crossed they will sort this out soon.