Ubisoft Announces “XDefiant,” a 6v6 Free-to-Play Arena Shooter, Here’s the Trailer

Ubisoft has officially announced XDefiant, a new 6v6, arena-based free-to-play shooter! The game is being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco,

lelo2play785d ago (Edited 785d ago )


Simply another game going after that free-to-play money.

porkChop785d ago

It literally looks like a weird COD ripoff. Why wouldn't I just play COD? Warzone is free as well.

spwittbold784d ago

I mean, to me, arena shooters are more fun than 100 FFA. That's just me tho

georeo784d ago

They doing the man Sam Fisher dirty.

Lord_Sloth785d ago

I cannot tell you how little I care about an Arena Shooter. Where is my Splinter Cell?

Lightning77785d ago

We won't be seeing that game for awhile. All their main teams are working on the Assassins Creed Live Service game.

We'll be waiting awhile for that game. It's best we all move on from that game.

senorfartcushion785d ago

If it can’t be a live service open world or a crap shooter like this they are not going there.

annoyedgamer785d ago

Splinter Cell F2P Battle Royale is what you will probably get unfortunately.

Lord_Sloth784d ago

What an absolute travesty that would be...

DOMination-784d ago

Ubisoft already said at the beginning of the year that they are moving away from AAA and transitioning to F2P model.

I wouldn't be surprised if Avatar is the last "traditional" game they announce now for some years.

RaidenBlack785d ago

Even the reveal trailer has frame drops ... I mean ....

Ashunderfire86785d ago

Really I thought that was my computer for a minute lol

Sciurus_vulgaris785d ago

This isn't an arena shooter. When I was younger games like Halo, Quake, Unreal, Timesplitters, 007 Goldeneye and Perfect Dark where considered arena shooters. You didn't have classes or loadout customization. Plus, weapons where on map, with starting weapons being an exception.

RaidenBlack785d ago

Golden Eye and Perfect Dark weren't arena shooters. Those weren't fast enough.
The first real arena shooters would be released with the release of Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena.

Sciurus_vulgaris785d ago

I still stand by arena shooters have equal [or near-equal] starts, lack of customization and weapons on map. You need to keep in mind Golden Eye and Perfect Dark were designed for the N64. Timesplitters a spiritual successor to Golden Eye was much faster spaced.

Rainbowcookie785d ago

I remember Unreal arena had some of the first bots...was a hoot to play, back then

GhostofHorizon785d ago

Great story grandpa!
In other news, FPS these days let you look up and down.

All kidding aside, games evolve.
This may just not be a game for you and me but I'm sure a lot of people will be playing it when it comes out.

spicelicka785d ago

The issue is not whether it's a good or a bad game, just about the definition of an arena shooter.

785d ago
XiNatsuDragnel785d ago

You young kids are too spoiled fr in my opinion.

DeusFever785d ago

Some games 90s era arena shooters did have customizable characters. Dark Forces 2 let players choose different force powers, light or dark side. Some games and game modes let players start with different weapons.

Sciurus_vulgaris785d ago

In Unreal Championship and Timesplitters characters had different base stats. However, stay differential often had drawbacks,e.g. fast characters had low health.

-Foxtrot785d ago

Can Ubisoft become any more generic

"Can we have a proper Assassins Creed game focusing on the stealth"

"Can we have a true Beyond Good and Evil sequel as a platformer starring Jade"

"Can we get a new Prince of Persia or wrap the 08 reboot up"

"How about a new Splinter Cell"


RaidenBlack785d ago

You know ... I am kinda glad this current "Punk rock moshpit" Ubisoft is not making a new Splinter Cell.
I don't want a live service "Punk rock moshpit" Splinter Cell.
Its better to boot up the older games and relive the nostalgia rather than see it get desecrated.

Einhander1971785d ago

Don't be silly, that would mean Ubisoft and other devs taking risks. Actually thinking out the Box scares them to death, and the share holders. Generic is the buzz word for today's gaming industry. Its all about money!!!

Rainbowcookie785d ago

Id even take a new rayman about now...

-Foxtrot785d ago

Oh yeah...Rayman 4, a full on 3D platformer game like 2 and 3

That would be fantastic

But they'll probably give us a copy and pasted side scroller like the last two with a new coat of pain.

Rachel_Alucard785d ago

Ubisoft avoids platformers these days because they aren't Nintendo and can't reach insane numbers like they can with brand name. What they do is like what happened to many TV channels over the past decade. If you flip on Discovery, True tv, TLC, etc you'll get nothing but reality tv because those networks reached their peak audience and switching to drama filled trash tv is the only way they can continue to grow. In Ubisofts case the only way to grow is to make mass appealing unfocused trash games similar to their TV network counterparts.

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