Ubisoft needs to rethink its strategy for future Tom Clancy games

Ubisoft is having a lot of issues as a company right now, from a mass exodus of developers to a controversial non-fungible token (NFT) push that went down poorly with the majority of the gaming community. But, something you may have forgotten happened in 2021 is that Ubisoft unveiled its plans for the future of the Tom Clancy franchise – and no one seems to be overly keen on what the French publisher has in store.

With a new focus on free-to-play, competitive multiplayer experiences, Ubisoft unveiled three new Tom Clancy-branded games this year: The Division: Heartland, XDefiant, and Frontline. Ever since their respective unveilings, these games haven’t really been seen or heard from (bar a few developer updates on XDefiant). The reception to Frontline, in particular, was so poor that its technical tests and playtests for the public were cancelled just days after the game was unveiled.

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Mr_cheese617d ago

The biggest shame is that Ubisoft has so many IPs that either have been or could be killer experiences if they just stopped rehashing the same imagination.

glenn1979617d ago

They can't help it, all they see is green and there looking everywhere they don't care anymore about quality game ,all they want is more income like gta online or fifa,madden or cod, I lost hope om them long time ago cant wait them to destroy Splinter Cell with all that NFT shit and the same goes to RB6 extraction what the fuck is that shit ???

Profchaos617d ago

Ubisoft could be many things but what they are is deaf and blind to fan opinion.

ChubbyBlade617d ago

They’re supposed to be realistic tactical games but they insist on making hero shooters and goofy loot.

anast617d ago

Ubisoft is the decade's biggest waste of talent and IPs. They "live-service" single player games and make them not fun to play, so people have to buy the fun from their games via MTs.

MadLad617d ago

Assume nothing but towers and NFTs.

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