Valve: 'Smurfing Is Not Welcome In Dota', Bans 90,000 Accounts

Valve has spoken out forcefully against smurfing in Dota 2 after banning more than 90,000 accounts - and targeting their owners.

Fist4achin8d ago

Pardon my ignorance for never having played this, but why even have the ability to create multiple guest accounts? It seems if there is only one account per player then it would eliminate this smurfing issue.

sadraiden8d ago

Probably to get new players hooked on the addictive gameplay loop, more people playing = statistically more people buying battle passes.

Fist4achin8d ago

Makes sense and cents for Valve. Thanks

franwex8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Why would seasoned players want to play with lower skill players anyway? Just to owned them? They’re n00bs, what’s the fun in that?

It’s like on COD where they do bad on purpose for a few rounds, to then be place with with bad players to then dominate.

SegaSaturn6697d ago

This is human nature. I know people who do this in Dota2, CoD and other multiplayer games. They enjoy the dopamine rush that winning generates.