What Is Randy Pitchford's Big Gearbox Announcement On December 1st? Here Is What It Is Not

When Gearbox President Tweeted that he would have a big announcement on December 1st, many people began speculating as to what his big reveal would be. Naturally people looked at past franchises that Gearbox has been involved with and assumed that it could be a new entry into the series. As such Skewed and Reviewed spoke with some companies off the record and the results helped eliminate many theories as to what it could be.

PixelGateUk2479d ago

i don't trust him, he's a scam artist

Garethvk2479d ago

I had thought it was one title but as you can see from the one rep he said he had no idea, but the other for Gearbox was concerned about who told me what and when.

Neonridr2479d ago

Alien: Colonial Marines 2

I swear guys.. this time it will be better :P

Garethvk2479d ago

That would be funny. Yes Alien Isolation is the game that Alien fans have longed for and CM was one of the most maligned games out there, but I have a really good feeling about this one. Why not really have fun: Aliens Colonial Marines 2: Revenge of Duke Nukem.

Perjoss2479d ago

Colonial Marines 2, and if you pre order you get beta access to Battleborn 2


IamTylerDurden12478d ago

Battleborn isn't that much worse than OW.

LOL_WUT2479d ago

Here's hoping a Switch exclusive. I'd also be happy if they just show support for Nintendo ;)

Cmv382479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Im hoping the same. I need a new borderlands game.

Garethvk2479d ago

I am hearing thats not it. May be misdirection but...

Rich16312479d ago

Probably Duke Nukem Forever backwards compatibility

Blank2479d ago

I expect a new Brothers in Arms entry, also the Sag-AFTRA website mentions it.

StoneyYoshi2479d ago

YES! PLEASE BE A BROTHERS IN ARMS GAME!!!!!! Its been so long.