Why Gearbox Won’t Give Us Borderlands 3 | Xbox One UK

Where is Borderlands 3? I think we all know why there isn't any real information on this highly sought after sequel

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Gwiz2557d ago

Both Duke Nuke'em and Aliens Colonial Marines were funded by left overs from the budget they used to create Borderlands 2 lol.

badz1492557d ago

the Pre-sequel wasn't no.3?

Stogz2557d ago

Nah Pre-sequel was made by a different team intended to be a smaller prequel to the series. They announced they were working on a sequel and it was mentioned in Borderlands 2 I believe, and they were gonna call it Borderworlds I think it was.

2557d ago
xMANB3ARP1G2557d ago

I have heard nothing but the opposite there is even a lawsuit over it they took funds ment for both games and funneled them into borderlands. That in mind it makes alot of sense we haven't seen 3 they need anouther game to take funds from first.

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DarkZane2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

The smart move would be to fire Randy Pitchford and replace him. No offense, but he is ruining this company down ... plus he is kind of a dick.

KillZallthebeast2557d ago

Lol I met him actually in person since gearbox isn't far from where I live I happened across him at a bestbuy nrowsing games...he kind of entierly struck me as kind of a pretentious douchebag. It actaully was a huge letdown speaking with him because I loved the borderland series XD

Gh05t2556d ago

If they did this I might end my boycot off Gearbox, which would be awesome because borderlands is probably my favorite game of the decade.

Grap2557d ago

Do we really need to know? The thing with broderlands is it's becoming too big for gearbox, plus we dont have shortage of broderlands lore ( telltale broderlands and 2k game) , and it will see the light but i hope they take their time without it.

xMANB3ARP1G2557d ago

It's a shame you got any down votes gearbox isn't a bad company but they have problems.i hope when they do make 3 it's more fun solo as I just didn't have much fun when play bl2 by myself but 1 I loved period.

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