Why It'll Take Years for PS Plus to Catch Up to Xbox Game Pass

PS Plus has been playing with a deck stacked against it from the beginning, and will have an uphill battle to reach the level of Xbox Game Pass.

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masterfox397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

really annoying to keep seeing this that GP is better when MS doesn't even have an interesting high quality new exclusive games on it, even on this article in the picture they keep showing time after time the same effing games Halo, Gears heck is that Lara on left?, lol, also they aren't even in top spot in this game industry, so what's the deal to keep saying GP is better?, to multiplataform games?, PS already has that now with similar service but with Sony we have PS exclusives, and that is instantly is miles better no freaking doubt imo.

agnosticgamer396d ago

Sony themselves said they were 3-5 years behind. And Xbox GamePass had captured what 60-70% of the gaming subscription market in their letter to Brazils FTC equivalent? I’m pretty sure Sony knows the numbers a lot better than you do.

sparky77396d ago

Exactly this, when Sony themselves admit Game Pass is the best deal in gaming and the most successful then you know it's true.

Too many people here are in denial.

Lifexline396d ago

Right if the own company admits to being behind and fans are still in denial that’s when you know you have a problem.

But in all seriousness people don’t understand the value of it. People just want to act like fanboys game pass has so many games on it high quality ones for $10 a month do people not understand that? That’s a steal. You can literally try any game on it instead of paying for one $70 game you pay $10 and play as many games as you heart can handle. You can try. Games you normally wouldn’t bother buying and discovering whether you like it or not. Like most streaming services people are just blind it’s not about Sony vs Microsoft. It’s the value both services give their customers.

rippermcrip396d ago

What exactly did Sony say?

DeusFever396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

“60-70% of the game subscription market”

Before PS+ Extra/Premium, who were the other 30-40%? Apple? Stadia? PS Now?

Redemption-64396d ago

So, who are the other 40-30%? I seriously don't think this is the win you are looking for. None of the other major players in the gaming industry have a subscription service like GP, I highly doubt T2, Sony, Valve, Nintendo, Ubisoft and others are interested. EA is honestly the closest. If there are 25M or let's say 27M GP subscribers and that makes up 60-70% of the industry, that should show you that isn't a lot and the market is small.

I am also more than confident Sony is more than capable of doing day 1, they have done so with some AA games, however they don't have the cash to burn like Xbox in hopes it becomes successful. I personally do not see GP ever reaching the numbers of Netflix, Disney+ or Spotify, so it will be interesting to see how many subscribers GP needs to be profitable and if MS would keep going if it doesn't.

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Aloymetal396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

The facts disagree with all that delusion you just posted. Wishful thinking, delusional thoughts and personal opinions are not facts.

VenomCarnage89396d ago

People seriously can't comprehend anything other than what their own bias wants them to these days.
Sony is talking 3-5 years behind.... In terms of subscription numbers. That means (drumroll..) they think it'll take roughly 4 years to see that many subscriptions to their service. This isn't complicated stuff people

Lightning77396d ago

For all those downvotes because of bitterness.

Weird how Sony is confirming this before MS though.

agnosticgamer396d ago


"This is what Sony said about GamePass in document filings in Brazil:
Sony said that Game Pass had collected approximately 60-70 percent of the global market for subscription services in the past five years. A market share of Brazil is actually higher, with 70-80% of the PC subscription services generating Game Pass. Sony believed that being able to become a rival to Microsoft’s subscription service, even with substantial investments, would require several years for the rival to succeed.

Sonys first-party success was quite strong since the PS5s launch, but it thinks Game Pass is quite a threat. The service may change if the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved. If Sony doesn’t agree, its most likely to be able to offer Call of Duty on the PlayStation console, particularly given its high popularity."

But I guess all the thumbs-down votes are salty PS fans? All I did was post the truth of what Sony themselves said. Anyone who likes the PS+ sub-models better is great for them. But as of now, Sony doesn't see it that way.

shinoff2183396d ago


Gamepass is definitely more then 10 a month dont fib for no reason. Dont also act like there isnt great games on plus. I havent touched my xbox in months and i have gamepass. I have seen about 3 games release in that time that i have interest in. I also adore indies so i know about trying new games.

Godmars290396d ago

Given that PC sub are likely counted along with console, saying "60-70% of the gaming subscription market" - in a specific country no less - is all that big a deal. As is the subscription market in general.

Worrisome in regards to game quality, but in and of itself.

Rude-ro396d ago

60-70% of what?
You are saying a pr spin.

There was no market. Making one does not mean you took a populace that did not exist.

As far as “behind”… one has to be producing something to have.

A decade long drought and counting means the future is dry of any AAA real demand.

I know this is not the number… but if I create a digital product, and a 100 people sign up.. I can spin that as a 100% growth.

We all know gaming wants to rent out their products that are filled with micro transactions, season passes and dlc’s…

But maybe Sony being behind on this aspect is a very good thing for the gaming community.

r2oB396d ago

Even if it will take Sony 3-5 years to "catch up", do Xbox gamers think that's a long time? How long have they been waiting for Microsoft to "catch up" to Sony in regards to consistent, quality AAA output? I'm sure Playstation gamers will be fine for the next 3-5 years playing great games while Sony waits for the subscription numbers to balance out.

Crows90396d ago


Yeah but ps extra is cheaper than gamepass and has better quality games...including exclusives. Now thats a steal.

Lifexline396d ago

@shijoff and crows are you guys illiterate? I said that game pass is a great service that it gives to its consumers Xbox owners. I said it’s not about Sony vs Microsoft. I never mentioned plus lol learn how to read both of you. Plus is also a great service to PlayStation owners lol if it makes you guys sleep better at night. These types of services are great to all consumers it’s a steal.

WiiU-Dude395d ago

Sony Fanboys will never acknowledge Microsoft does anything better or has anything better. Never. Maybe small stuff, but that is about it. Even if Sony admits so much, Sony's fans still will have nothing to do with it. That is just how it is.

Gunstar75395d ago

Apparently facts are wrong according to your downvotes.

Fanbabies are hilarious

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KyRo396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

I have PS Extra and Gamepass and I would say Gamepass does edge itself ahead of PS Extra but Sony has put up a solid start so far all things considered. Both have some great games on there but Gamepass has quite a few newer releases. The downside is there's a lot of filler on both services of you're not massively into some indie games.

I also find whilst gamepass has newer titles, the titles available on Gamepass are not in the same league as Sony first party titles if we're being honest.

CaptainHenry916396d ago

"Sony first party titles if we're being honest"
This quote makes this article irrelevant

Lightning77396d ago

I was gonna say Sony's launch of premium had better games than Gamepass at launch. It's only gonna get way better from here.

shinoff2183396d ago

Sony has been at the revamp for only 2 months

headshotfrosty396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Salty are we? Clear it’s a good strategy and Sony knows this hence the uptick in the service offerings as well as PS games on PC. Why does everyone keep acting like MS only makes bad decisions when clearly they have been the real ones leading ecosystem advancement not just games. Reason they have two different sized pockets. Sony needs this.

thesoftware730396d ago

Exactly this.

I think it's mostly a fear of the competition paired with some of Sony's recent terrible moves and backtracking this gen. behind the scenes Sony is on the ropes and is very desperately trying to catch up and find a new strategy that works, the whole 3-4 exclusives a year being their saving grace won't cut it this gen. There are so many ways for people to get and access 100s of games now, that people's attention is constantly jumping all over the place.

gametapes396d ago


Do you really think that a future of low budget indies and MTX filled games that can survive the new subscription dynamic are better than the type of big budget single player games without DLC and MTX that Sony was offering consumers before Microsoft forced this market change?

Because I don't.

I think that in 10 years, people will look back at those 3-4 games a year we had on PS4 and wish we still had that level of budget and quality. Much like many people miss the days of the PS2 when you could buy a game and get the whole game on a disk that you actually owned.

DOMination-396d ago

Why can't you have both? Cant it be that MS are buying studios so that they (eventually) will have a stream of quality content?

There is no evidence (so far) that MS are churn out f2p style shovelware.

gametapes396d ago


Nearly every game that Microsoft publishes has DLC / MTX heck Halo now even has a FTP battle pass...

Extermin8or3_395d ago

@domination actually there is ample evidence that most gamespass games will be nicrotransaction filled and geared towards being games as a service and multiplayer. Why? Well part of it is about profitability the second part is you need people to remain subscribed not subscribe for a month- then unsubscribe and wait for thr next big title theybare interested in and resubscribe. You need to keep them subscribed and spending money.

DOMination-395d ago

"@domination actually there is ample evidence that most gamespass games will be nicrotransaction filled and geared towards being games as a service and multiplayer."

I think we are talking about different things. My point was mainly that there's no evidence that MS are telling their studios to churn out half finished games every six months to fill a game pass quota. Everything announced so far has been longterm projects. Not saying that will stay the same in future but right now, MS are making AAA games and releasing them day one on Game Pass with largely free post-release content.

It isn't really true at all on the multiplayer comment and speculative at best on MTX. They are there of course but "ample evidence" is hyperbole at this point.

Halo Infinite: F2P multiplayer focused with MTX
FH5: Single player & Multiplayer - only MTX is a treasure map for the collectibles. Has been a feature in all Horizon games way before Game Pass ever came along. Has free monthly updates and major expansion is free for game pass subscribers
MSFS - Single player game. Monthly world updates are all free to download. Top Gun expansion is free. There is a marketplace for third-party vendors to sell their creations.
Psychonauts 2 - Single player
Age of Empires IV - single player
Grounded - ??? - I haven't played but I believe it's a multiplayer focused F2P but with no MTX. Correct me if I'm wrong.

They just published a game called As Dusk Falls - a single player story-driven game.
Next up: Starfield. A single-player story-driven game. No information (as far as I know?) on MTX. I imagine it will have the creators club but existed before Game Pass, not a product of it.
Redfall: Multiplayer focused game. No information available on MTX or if it's a F2P game as far as I'm aware
Hellblade II - single player
Forza Motorsport: Single player focused with multiplayer modes
The Outer Worlds 2: Single player
Avowed: Single player
Fable: Single player
Perfect Dark: Single player with multiplayer modes
Pentiment - single player
Contraband - Co-op focused - no further information at this stage
Everwild - single player

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itsmebryan396d ago

As long as PS plus only has old games that you probably already own it can't compete with day one games on Gamepass at no extra charge. No one only plays "AAA exclusives" if so you are missing out on a lot of great games. Plus, since it looks like Sony all it's games on PC does Sony really have any exclusives?

Also games like "Death loop" and future COD are $70 on PS5 and included with Gamepass.