Why the PS Plus Monthly Games for July 2023 Need to Bring Out the Big Guns

Game Rant Writes "July 2023 would be a great time for the PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers to stand out, at least for one reason."

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crazyCoconuts79d ago

Compare to Gold, they've had big guns out every month

jznrpg79d ago

Compared to gold they could win with a finger flick

MrNinosan79d ago

They have delivered, month after month, and last half year GamePass has not been close.

Sony doesn't need to change anything, to keep PS+ attractive.

luckytrouble79d ago

The only complaint still out there in force I would like to see addressed is justifying the value of the Premium tier. So far they are really doing the bare minimum when it comes to the new Premium tier games, well shown by the fact that they still have not put a single plain 'ol PS2 game up for offer.

Knushwood Butt79d ago

I haven't subbed to it as I don't have that kind of spare time, but the additional cost of Premium over Extra is pretty insignificant, especially if you are looking at an annual subscription.

raWfodog79d ago

The usual lull of game releases is the perfect time for me to catch up on my backlog. But it definitely sounds good for PS+ to offer good to great games during those periods.

Hereandthere79d ago

Why when games with mol... i mean gold has been utter shit for the past 3 years.

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