WTF is Embracer Group?

If you follow the video games industry you may have noticed that a Swedish holding company has been eating up a ton of smaller development houses as well as some fairly established publishers. They’ve resurrected dormant IPs (Darksiders, Titan Quest, Kingdoms of Amalur) and are among the few publishers supporting smaller new IPs (Biomutant, Elex, Remnant: From the Ashes). They have also swooped in to save studios which have fostered beloved franchises (Metro, Saints Row, Homefront) and have reestablish beloved defunct developers like Free Radical (TimeSplitters). It is my belief that Embracer Group is among the greatest game companines in operation. Which is hilarious because for the longest time I didn’t know who or what they f***ing were.

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Jin_Sakai611d ago

A company that’s gobbling up everything they can get their hands on.

Magog610d ago

Strange take. They are no different than Tencent. Giant company full of venture capital looking to homogenize and monetize gaming to whatever extent they can.

Zeref610d ago

They did come out of nowhere. They must have received a shit ton of private funding.

Sirch610d ago

Sounds to me like a group trying to buy up old IP in an effort to create a library, pump up a couple choice titles to appear like a good purchase by one of the larger houses (apple, Facebook, Netflix, Sony, Microsoft, epic, etc).

Just a guess though. They certainly aren't doing it because they love these old games. It's all about the IP.