Xbox will reveal new Game Pass titles at Tokyo Game Show

Its digital broadcast will showcase games from creators mainly based in Japan and across Asia.

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Battlestar233d ago

Hopefully FF7R will be announced and will launch Day 1 on Gamepass and i hope the rumor of SE joining MS in a partnership is true especially now that SE is angry at Sony for locking up FF16 as an exclusive and making them lose sales.

I can see Sony being unable to make any future SE title exclusive now with how bad the their relationship with SE is and them wanting to jump ship and sign up with MS.

RpgSama3d ago

LOL, on the same comment you talk about SE being mad about Sony "making them Lock" FF16 as an exclusive losing sales AND talk about releasing FFVIIR DAY ONE on GP, therefore eliminating basically how little they could sell on MS to begin with.

You cannot have it both ways.

Battlestar233d ago

The amount of Money SE will get from MS by getting them to put FF7R on Gamepass Day 1 would be more then all the money they made from sales on both PS4/PS5 and PC so yeah it will be worth it.

phoenixwing3d ago

Hopefully you're trolling right now and aren't so deluded you believe what you're saying.

RpgSama3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


FFVII remake sold 14+ millions so far, you do the math of how much MS would need to pay SE.

That's the thing with most Xbox fans, they do not want the games on their console, they want it on GP, it's just incidental that it releases on Xbox because of GP, you guys do not buy anything.

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franwex3d ago

Considering that Sony also assisted with the development of FF16 in a small capacity-I would say that they don’t have a bad relationship. Bringing that game to Xbox series would also be challenging due to the Series S lack of power. It already struggles on the PS5 as is.

I think square will bring over games to Xbox like they did last round a few years ago-which I’m looking forward to. Games such as Final Fantasy collection, Octopath 2, live a live, Star Ocean, etc.

phoenixwing3d ago

That makes more sense than what battle is thinking and is actually reasonable

andy853d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Except that's nonsense isn't it. SE went directly to both Xbox and Sony for their offers over FF16 and XB wasn't interested enough. You really think Sony could gatekeep another companies game with no say from them 😂😂 . Why on earth would a Japanese developer want to jump ship and sign with Xbox when their gamers are generally not interested in Japanese RPGs? What was it 5% of Crisis Core sales were on Xbox?

TheTony3163d ago

Square mad at Sony? Are you pulling this out of your ass?

XiNatsuDragnel3d ago

Dude where you getting your info?

PunksOnN4G2d ago

if you guys wondering where hes getting this info MEGA FANBOI COLTEASTWOOD Been saying this in his new videos. Bros talking out his ass LOL

3d ago

Let's assume FF7R "does" make it to Xbox within the next 6 months, how well would it realistically do when NEW JRPGs like Persona 3 Reload, Yakuza: Man Who Erased His Name, and Infinite Wealth are on the horizon?

FF7R is great for the few Xbox owners that still care, but that ship has sailed for me personally as I'd rather invest in new titles.

IMO, MS should just forget about FF7R and FF16 and focus on future FF remakes.

shinoff21832d ago

Ff7remake in all fairness is bigger then any of those games you listed. If square has obliged to ms its because ms desperately opened the checkbook

Hofstaderman3d ago

Can I have some of what you are smoking please?

GhostScholar3d ago

Don’t think that’s accurate about square being mad at Sony. They’ve been in bed together for years. I’d love to see those games come to Xbox though.

Lightning773d ago

Ok what!? What rumor of Square working with Xbox? As in bringing more games over to the platform yes that was already discussed. Square and Sony not having a good relationship? Where did you get your info from?

Please leave the information and rumors To me....

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shinoff21832d ago

Sony and square don't have a bad relationship. Ms and square did sure. Far as ff7 remake even if it did come to square lol your talking ff16 losing sales. Probably a couple 100k on xbox but your hoping ff7r comes to gamepass. Can't you guys just buy some fking games

Soulsborne2d ago

If youre gonna be braindead, do it in your closet.

-Foxtrot2d ago

Angry? Lmao

Sony didn't make them do shit, they took that deal because they wanted to

Also knowing Square and their small comments over FF16s development, it was probably a good deal for them as they didn't want to dumb their game down to work on the Series S

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VersusDMC3d ago

Since Atlus is favoring xbox these days i expect if an current gen SMTV port announcement happens it will happen here. I NEED it 60fps, not blurry and not pixelated.

Exvalos3d ago

Sony can't make square do anything there an independent studio. They have had a great relationship since the 90s what are you talking about

BrainSyphoned3d ago

Even though Game Pass is already riddled with indies of good to questionable quality...
I'd really love to see them take the Niche Japanese/Asian game scene in hand and bring us some games types that helped make the PS2 a powerhouse.

More than likely they will cherry pick a couple big titles and leave us still lacking anyone willing to have a stable home for quirky Japanese titles. If Xbox wanted to do something good for the industry for a change I can't think of anything better.

jznrpg2d ago

I can think of one. Sell off all of their Ip to companies who will make great games.