XDefiant Closed Beta Announcement

Ubisoft writes" We're excited to announce the XDefiant Closed Beta! We've learned a lot through our Insider Session program over the last year and are ready to open the doors wider.

Let's get the biggest news out of the way- this test will have NO NDA. We know many of you are excited to create content for XDefiant, and you will be able to start Day 1 of the Closed Beta. Additional details are below, and we will be updating more as we get closer to the Closed Beta date.

Server Opens - April 13th @ 10 AM PT

Server Closes - April 23rd @ 11 PM PT"

monkey602158d ago

Oh wow! I thought they'd killed this thing!

KyRo157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Ubi have fallen from grace but with the state of CoD right now and the backlash it's getting from casuals and even it's most loyal content creators, now is best time for any company to try and make a COD rival. People are even flocking to a Roblox creation that's a knock off of COD. It's got that bad and I'm one of those who still plays CoD

ThichQuangDuck157d ago

I agree with rival but you can't rival someone while cloning them for the most part. Like Ubi needs to play ot their strengths rather than imitate others. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, chaos Theory aysmetric Multiplayer was the future . Creed multiplayer we see in games like Deceive Inc. Ghost Recon could fill the void left by Socom. I just don't know if on their first fps multiplayer venture like this they will or can dethrone Call of Duty. Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 also great third person. Like Siege is booming but on the side they could have dropped another Vegas like first person, third person cover game.

Whatever someone creates to join the likes of fortnite, call of duty, apex needs community support which often is a map creator or allowing them to make game modes or find the true fun.

Inverno157d ago

May as well announce it's shutting down date too, cause we all know it'll die in a year.

Dirtnapstor157d ago

I got an invite for an alpha playthrough. It wasn't half bad. Gunplay was tight. Maps provided some good gameplay.
As with any f2p, they'd better really bring it if they want gamers to stay onboard.