XDefiant Isn't a Call of Duty Killer, Nor Does it Need to Be

The XDefiant Open Beta has sadly come to an end, and while the team is undoubtedly working hard and looking through all the provided feedback, one thing that has somewhat stuck out for us from those who have played it is the stark comparison being made between it, and the Call of Duty franchise.

S2Killinit71d ago

Call of duty is overrated. Same game every year. Different skins.

Tacoboto71d ago

And then you can buy more different skins in your new different-skinned game's store

Sonic188171d ago

It's very overrated but still a moneymaker because of the casual gamer

GhostScholar71d ago

Most of the people I know that play call of duty play it every spare second they have and spend hundreds of dollars on micro trans. I wouldn’t call that casual. What’s a real gamer to you? Someone who only plays souls games?

Sonic188171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Casual call of duty fan. The game is build around microtransactions regardless if you're a hard-core or casual fan.

P_Bomb71d ago

Why did they do a short beta in the middle of the week? We only got like three rounds in, unfortunately.

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shinoff218371d ago

Similar to call of duty , this doesn't look all that interesting to begin with

fsfsxii71d ago

Unfortunately the game is hella ass. They should remove the specialists, libertad has the best ability so just give healing to everyone since everyone is using libertad. Hit registration is unbelievably awful. The whole game feels like mobile trash.

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