XDefiant YouTubers say the shooter is fun, but unbalanced

A number of videos sharing details on Tom Clancy’s XDefiant have just been released highlighting some brand new details about the game, but also providing us with an insight into how it will play.

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KyRo767d ago

This will disappear like Hyperscape. Ubisoft need to step back and rethink everything they do because they are in a a bit of a mess right now IMO. Hyperscape bombed, this looks dated and uninteresting and looks like it may suffer the same fate, I will be very surprised if FC6 will do as well FC5 as it's not really doing anything outside of the usual Ubi formula, AC is no longer AC, a lot of people disliked the lack of character in WD:L,
R6Q (can't remember what it changed its name to) people were slating as soon as the trailer dropped, Prince of Persia seems to be a bit of a development issue and that's just off the top of my head

The problem is Ubisoft have so many great IPs but they are doing them dirty in a lot of ways. They need to step back like EA has done and re-evaluate. (It feels off to say that).

plmkoh767d ago

Ubisoft has raped every single one of their franchises into something they are not.

Pièce de résistance was their E3 where they can never spell Rayman and instead keep giving you Rabbids. And to top it off it's some random ass Nintendo collab (again) no one asked for and is neither really a Rabbids game also, so you end up with nothing again.

MetroidFREAK21767d ago

Yeah, I'm not going to play this. My arena shooter time will be devoted to Halo

King_Noctis767d ago

It’s because games like these that we don’t have games like Splinter Cell from Ubisoft anymore.

767d ago
Tacoboto767d ago

And it's not like gamers have given them reasons to go down this path. Hyperscape failed. The latest Ghost Recon didn't hit sales targets. Neither did Division 2. They are shutting down a Tom Clancy mobile service game after a year.

Siege is pretty much their only active successful MP service game and it's a very focused title. Assassin's Creed games are at least single-player based. So how we get a mash-up based on declining franchises... makes no sense.

XiNatsuDragnel767d ago

Again Gamers are also telling not to do this either they need to step back and learn from their Ls.

Germaximus767d ago

so much of what this game looks like reminds me of the Ghost in the Shell multiplayer F2P game. I liked that

The7Reaper766d ago

The second I saw a super shield that blocks bullets but allows you to shoot back from inside the shield I knew there would be balancing issues.