You Can Get PlayStation Plus For As Little As $1 This Weekend

Following the reveal of both the PlayStation Plus Essential titles and the first batch of PlayStation Plus Extra games for March, PlayStation has dropped a tasty deal for anyone brand-new to any of the Plus tiers to jump in for the first time.

Starting now and running through the weekend, new members can sign up to the Essential tier for just $1 for the first month, with the Extra and Deluxe tiers getting their own discounts as well. The prices are as follows:

PlayStation Plus Essential 1-Month Subscription – $1 (91% off) then $11.95/mth
PlayStation Plus Extra 1-Month Subscription – $3 (84% off) then $18.95/mth
PlayStation Plus Deluxe 1-Month Subscription – $5 (77% off) then $21.95/mth

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jznrpg193d ago

I’m signed up until 2028 and have had it since inception but this is a rare deal for people who just started on PS. I always look for deals and add a year or 2 when it’s half off .

akurtz192d ago

Where do you usually find it half off? I used to get them half off around Black Friday but the last couple years has been dry

sadraiden192d ago

semi-legal, semi-ethical, semi-not-all-of-those-things cd key sites.

S2Killinit193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I would just get the Plus Extra for one month then upgrade to Extra annually as long as you play more than a certain number of games per year. If you only play say 3 or 4 games per year, I would just buy games normally unless you think all games you would play are games that the service already provides.

My two cents.

193d ago
Chocoburger192d ago

Someone needs to edit the subject line, this deal is for Australia only, not currently available for North America.

Spenok192d ago

I just checked and it is for me.

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